Photo by Paige Walker Photography 2014.

I graduated from Arkansas State University in 2014 with a bachelor’s in journalism, emphasis in news editorial. I worked with the school newspaper The Herald as a reporter/photographer at the beginning of my junior year and quickly moved to hold the positions of photo editor, news editor, feature editor and copy editor.

My career as a journalist took off Spring 2013 once I began freelancing as a photographer for Jonesboro Occasions. Since then I have been published in Jonesboro’s Crossing Cultures magazine and the Paragould Premiere. I began working with The Hot Springs Sentinel-Record Dec. 30, 2014, as the crime reporter and haven’t slowed down since. This full-time job has led me to report drug busts, tag along on manhunts and work on court cases that have gained nation-wide attention.

My personal photography work (though a bit outdated) can be found at Caitlin Dee Photography and other info can be found on my LinkedIn page.

Blog posts to this website can be found on the menu bar or here.


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