Writing prompt for the day

The only thing I remember from third grade is reading Charlotte’s Web and my teacher saying, “The first sentence of a book is the most important. It is what grabs the reader’s attention.” Mrs. Abbey, thank you. Your lesson left me with a life-long love of novels’ first sentences. I always give a book a chance, at least a few chapters, but if the first sentence doesn’t truly grab me, I’m out.

Same thing with Bonnie Thrasher, my college adviser. Thrasher and the other journalism professors at my college stressed the importance of the lede in any news or feature article. Needless to say, I’m very fixated on introductions now.

And that is why sometimes I’ll try to tell one-sentence stories that could eventually lead to a bigger story. I almost use them as tiny writing prompts and tuck them away for when I’m in a writing mood. Earlier this week I was thinking of interesting ways to start a new adventure and I came up with this:

May 19 was the day Jane Doe became a wife and killed her husband.

Now, more than likely this will lead to a flashback being used directly after but WHO CARES. I was excited about this one sentence and although at the time I didn’t have a story to explain it, I’m slowly developing one.

Now I pass this introduction over to you guys. Write a mini-story or plan out a full-length one. Comment below with your ideas!


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