I haven’t worked on my book in over a week. I haven’t even touched the daily writing prompts in that same amount of time.

Simply put, I got cold feet. A friend of my parents’, who is a published author, has so kindly taken me under his wing and gives advice whenever I ask. Last weekend we discussed writing and he asked flat out what my book would be about. Talking out loud about what you’re writing is terrifying and I did my best to skirt around the question but eventually had to answer him. I explained the best I could and felt so stupid hearing the words come out of my mouth.

“So, it’s an autobiography, basically?” my boyfriend joked.

I know he meant no harm at all with the comment but he put me in my place. It was becoming an autobiography (with some changes of course) and that’s not what I wanted. It didn’t sound original or unique and so the next day, instead of writing, I froze.

I’m not really sure what to do at this point. I have over 20 pages written up in Google Docs of different portions of the story. I definitely don’t want to get rid of it. But I’m not sure this is the story that needs to be written right now. Maybe I should take a chance at writing what I don’t know?

The daily writing prompts I receive hold the ticket to my book, I’m sure. I need to jump back on board with those and just see what happens.

Or, take an idea my boyfriend had last night based on something that sort of happened at my work: a man travels around the country with his pet goat and everybody thinks he’s a harmless hippie, when in fact he is a murderer that feeds his victims to the goat.

Ah, well. Writing is a process so who knows?


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