Make it about yourself: 15 reasons why I write

It doesn’t matter if you work for a newspaper, create poems nobody will ever see or do something tedious like grant writing (I’ve actually got no clue if that’s tedious or not but it sounds like it). If you write, you’re a writer. We each have many different reasons that fuel us to write but I think there’s one thing we should all have in common: to write for ourselves.

When I first began my job as a full-time reporter I was thrilled. I could write everyday and get paid to do it. My enthusiasm quickly faded, though, because my creative writing took the backseat in my priorities. I was writing for other people, not myself. Sometimes you gotta hustle and I realized that’s what I was doing, but that didn’t mean I still couldn’t write for me. Cue my novel stepping in and saving me.

I do my best to always be kind to others and never be selfish, but my writing? That’s all for me. Aside from that I found there’s a long list of reasons I write but here are my favorite:

1)  The mountains of notebooks that contain my work are super fun to dig through.
2)  Watching my talent evolve and grow gives me something to be proud of.
3)  At the end of the day, my pen and notebook are always waiting for me.
4)  Ex-boyfriends always go into my writing and I can fondly look back on what I enjoyed about the     relationships.
5)  Same with ex-friends.
6)  I have goals to work for.
7)  Let’s be honest: winning awards is fun.
8)  It’s the one thing I’ve returned to over and over since I was a child.
9)  There’s so many different ways I can make a living from it.
10) I can create a new world when the one I’m living in gets to be too much. 
11) People I don’t like can be written into my stories and I have control over them.
12) I have control, period.
13) It clears my mind.
14) Hearing someone say, “This is such a good story,” is worth the struggle of putting the pen to paper. 
15) Writing helps me remember who I am. 


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