And the fear of writer’s block struck deep in my heart

Two tiny days since I announced my plans to write a book (or two). I dove in Monday and spent hours on Pinterest finding inspiration and tips. I organized a Google Drive document to outline my characters, setting and to piece together my snippets of prose.

Tuesday I trudged on with writing at least 50 words to set up a certain scene. I was bored writing. The writing is boring. Boring, boring boring and I’m stuck. I should probably move on to something else that can add to the book. But the fact I can’t write one scene that adds something to the story makes me want to hide under the covers. I’m a write, how can I not write one. Simple. Scene?

I’ve been focusing on mindfulness with my yoga practice all week and since I started, my creativity has been off the wall. I want to paint, create and of course, write. I still have the passion. But it’s disheartening when the story doesn’t flow the way you thought it would. With that said, I did find this handy little tip on how to kickstart the writing process. I tried it Monday and boy did it help.

Personally, I’ve also found that while sitting down at a specific time with the exact intention to write is a good thing, it’s even better to just keep notebooks around for when that perfect idea pops up. Sometimes it’s ok to not adhere to a schedule because that can put more pressure on you. I need to remind myself of this as I’m going on this journey.

I raise my pen to all you authors who have managed to get past this obstacle and publish your own book.


One thought on “And the fear of writer’s block struck deep in my heart

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