Letter to Gov. Asa Hutchinson

Four more days until this horrendous bill is passed. I urge you all to write a letter to Hutchinson on changing his mind. You can find out more here.

Gov. Hutchinson,

I begin this letter with an astonishing sense of disgust for this state, disgust that is building day by day as I read article after article about how you are expected to allow SB202 to pass. How can you justify allowing businesses to turn away customers simply for who they love?

I’m sure this is not something you’d like to hear from a 23-year-old woman who has several LGBT friends but there is no reason for you to be enforcing your beliefs into legislation. I am horrendously ashamed by this bill and the fact you are allowing it.

What makes it worse is that you were quoted as saying you would not only not veto the bill, but you wouldn’t even sign it. How cowardly, to allow the bill to pass but not have the guts to put your signature on a bill that is so demeaning to the human race.

I am not the praying type, but I pray you will have it in your heart to understand business owners should not be allowed to discriminate. For just a moment, imagine a world where being straight is not the norm. You are bullied relentlessly for loving a woman and one day, you decide to get married. You simply want a beautiful cake, or bright flowers, for your big day. But as you and your wife-to-be enter a shop owned by two gay men, you are immediately forced out the door. Just because you are doing something that, in all reality, is nobody’s business but your own.

If you feel so inclined as to actually do your job and listen to your fellow Arkansans who are vehemently against this bill, I suggest further reading a blog I posted last week when news of the bill broke. I believe it much better summarizes my feelings:

Again, I urge you to take a second look at what this could mean for our state. The South has long been looked at as an area of the United States that is so far behind on modern advances. It is 2015 and this bill would only take us another step closer to falling further behind the rest of the country. No matter which path you choose with this bill there will be somebody to yell at you for your decision. But can you not realize that taking the right road and vetoing the bill would be worth the gasps of horror you would receive from your fellow Republicans?

Rest be assured, if you do allow this bill to pass, I eagerly await the next election where I can ignore the box beside your name as I give my vote to a more deserving candidate.

Caitlin LaFarlette


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