I Need Feminism Because…

I need feminism because at 2 a.m.,
instead of adoringly telling me what he would do to make me see stars,
he whispered, “I’m going to make you such a dirty slut,”
so that I could attend to his needs
and serve him.

I need feminism because it’s trashy for me to put a piece
of permanent art on my thigh,
but any male can step into a back room of a filthy meth lab house,
share needles with his “bros” and be complimented
on his sick tat.

I need feminism because at 16,
when my friends weren’t there for me and I turned to the boys who were like my family,
my father told me I would ruin my reputation if I didn’t stop talking to them.

I need feminism because I am either too much of a
“good girl,”
or I show too much skin.
There is no in between.

My breasts became something to cover as a teenager,
because men might get the wrong idea.
My legs were suddenly too long and curvy
to wear shorts, because then they would be a distraction.

I was only ever taught to pop a pill every day
to control my body from creating another human being,
instead of being told, “Always make sure he wears protection.”

I am criticized for working too much,
made fun of for wanting to be taken care of.
How do I please you and be the poster woman of your dreams?

Actually, don’t answer that.
I’ll be the woman of my dreams.
And make myself happier than you ever could.


One thought on “I Need Feminism Because…

  1. You should be in charge….. always. Even over the man. Yes, submissive men make great lovers, when trained appropriately by their Dominate female counterpart. many of us await your advice, your control, your dominate touches….. We await our service to you…. whom we need and desire.

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