I’m a Big Kid Now


My poor, poor Beyonce. In hindsight, this could have been much worse and I’m very thankful nobody was hurt in the little wreck I was in today. But during the hour of countless phone calls, scrambling for insurance cards and miserable heat, I learned a lot and got a tiny bit closer to being an adult.

As a kid or even a teenager it is drilled into our heads that “growing up” means going to college, graduating, getting a job and then settling down with a family, hopefully with some adventures sprinkled in here and there. Being an adult is staying up as late as you want watching TV, eating cereal for dinner and wearing pajamas all day if it suits you. It is waking up next to the boy or girl you like because you can have adult sleepovers now. These all hold true but I feel along the way adults forget to pass down the knowledge of what being on your own is really like.

Nobody tells you growing up means struggling to split minimum wage paychecks on rent, internet bills, doctor appointments, medications and accidents. Being in charge of your own finances can be nice, but very stressful when you realize you have the time for vacation but not the funds thanks to the $500 you just dropped on new tires.

Growing up is going to the doctor alone when you are sick, having to spout off your symptoms instead of sitting silently while your mom does that for you (don’t act like this was not the weirdest thing ever the first time you went alone.)

Nobody tells you being an adult is trying to file insurance at the eye clinic because you thought you were covered. When in fact all you have to do is have your parents send in your exam receipt and they will get their money back. Being an adult is then apologizing profusely to the secretaries who spent half an hour on the phone with the insurance company trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

Growing up is getting into your first wreck at 22 and not having any idea what to do other than find your insurance card. Growing up is telling yourself there is no use crying even though neither of your parents will pick up the phone and your boyfriend is with you doing his best to help. Growing up is not snapping back at the cop when he says the accident is your fault.

Today was a blip in the mountain of things I will experience that continue to help me become an adult. But it was important nonetheless. So listen up kids: always have a savings account with emergency funds. Always keep your insurance cards updated. Know what friends and family you can contact during an accident.

And more importantly, take your momma’s advice and always wear clean underwear.


3 thoughts on “I’m a Big Kid Now

  1. From an 18 year old, you just summed up all of my worst fears. The thought of being in charge of my own money is honestly terrifying- I’m going away to university soon and feel like I would have to grow up very fast for that! I hope you’re ok by the way, and that no-one got seriously injured!

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