Birth of a Muse

The hollow of your neck puts up a
vacancy sign, offering a stay for my lips.
I draw zig-zags down your shoulders as
my tongue curls into that forbidden ‘L.’
(Oh well.)
My self control checked out days ago and
I can’t get him to answer any of my calls.
But I think I will just give up that fight
because now there’s an open room for you.
(If you want to.)
Your mouth has a way of unwiring my
brain with any little word that comes out.
I will drink in your thoughts, put them
under a microscope so I can understand.
(You weren’t my plan.)
So please darling, write me a song and
I’ll write you a novel filled with my dreams.
We’ll go down in history as two creatives
who just couldn’t get enough of each other.
(You’re bursting with color.)


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