Post-College Depression

I knew it would come. Three and a half weeks is all it took and I was hoping with every inch of my body it would be longer. But here it is.

Post-college depression (is this even a term? Did I make it up?).

Am I making money? Yep. That’s good, right? Yes. But am I making enough to move out on my own and be an adult? Not exactly. It’s easy for many people to say “Get another job!” My response to that is this: I don’t want to tie myself down to another job if I plan on (hopefully) moving within a few months. I refuse to get settled in here.

I feel stuck in a loop, though, one that is beating me down every day. Get up, go to a job that doesn’t pertain to my degree, come back to Mom and Dad’s house and watch all my peers get married, get careers and live. Rinse and repeat.

It’s terribly whiny, I know, and I’m definitely reeking of the twenty-something stereotype of feeling “privileged.” But I don’t feel like the world owes me anything. I’m angry and upset because I owe myself something good, like a journalism job or an apartment. This isn’t where I want to be but I’m unable to change anything about it at the moment. Reading articles like this that tell me to stop worrying about not having enough time perk me up for all of five minutes. And then I come crashing down again because this place where I am in my life is not what I want or what I envisioned for myself after college.

Has anyone else been in this slump before? What did you do to pull yourself out of it?


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