What do you mean I have a college degree?

I’m four days out from graduation, I’ve moved back home, deposited all my grad money into the bank, and I’m working at a children’s party place.


Wait, what?

Who would have thought, the girl who graduated fifth in her high school class, cum laude from college, and has worked with multiple publications in the past two years getting published, isn’t using her degree. Since I’m free of any student debt this is my stinging slap in the face from reality. Welcome to adulthood?

It’s a strange feeling knowing I won’t be returning to school in the fall. I don’t have to rush and cram in as much fun as possible in a three month time span because my life will forever be fun now. I may go back to school one day, but at this moment I get to enjoy the things I want. And if that means not having an adult job yet, so be it.

Truth is, I never even applied for any “real” jobs. As much as I want to move off and get started with my life, I need a break from the professional world I was already working in for two years. I’m itching to get back into journalism, sure, but I was also burned out by the time our school paper hit its last issue. I took a three hour nap today and felt horrible because I don’t know how to relax anymore. Hint number one I need to take it easy.

I don’t remember what it is like to not have a writing job. The paper consumed my life and I have enjoyed working for magazines. But I love experiencing other things too and this is my chance to do that. I’ve had countless emails alerting me about openings at our local newspaper and even reporting positions at TV stations (um, I’m not broadcast but thanks). Months ago I was squinting at my computer at 2 a.m. relentlessly job searching and waiting for the day when I could finally send in my resume to some place. Now I’m content with teaching yoga and then playing with children for the rest of the day.

That is not to say I will remain at home with my parents and work a part time job forever. No. I am trying to teach myself that it’s okay if I don’t have a career yet. I’m trying to teach myself to not listen to others who say, “You have a degree and you’re doing what?” I am learning how to breathe and just live.

So while I have the utmost respect for those who are in the professional world, you can take your 8-5 job while I play pretty princesses in the castle with some tiny tots.


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