Someone else saying no for you

I did it again. I tried saying “yes” when I knew “no” was the better answer. However, I did compromise a bit.

Finals are coming up, and I feel like school is just slamming me in the face with all this work. Plus I’m having to prepare for graduation (what?!) so things have been crazy. My editor from the Premiere emailed me yesterday wanting to know if I could get some photos around the town. It’s an assignment I can easily get done in a weekend so I said it would be no problem.

Then, the kicker.

He asked if I wanted more stories for December’s issue. Yes, I thought. Yes yes yes! Since this summer I’ve been doing two articles a month and I’ve met so many amazing people. I have fun with it, I enjoy it. But yesterday I realized I probably only needed to do one article. So I told my editor that because school was wrapping up I may need to take it easy.

Amazing man that he is, he then stepped in and asked if it would be better if I just did the photo assignment.

I know I wasn’t being punished. My editor is the kind of guy who tells me to get all A’s and be good in school, almost like a father figure. He understands how important my schoolwork is and to me, that is a sure sign I am working with the right kind of publication.

How lucky am I, really? Many jobs don’t care if you have this or that going on for school. Prioritize! they scream. Well it isn’t always that easy.

How lucky I am to be making wonderful connections with these people so early on in my career.


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