Time Management…

…something I obviously haven’t been too good at with school starting back. It’s been a hectic week starting my final fall semester of college and balancing 15 hours of course work with my job as news editor. And trying to sleep and have a social life.

To prove my point further, after writing that first paragraph I went to get food, eat and play a game with my fellow editors. I know how to prioritize, it’s just the act of doing it.

Before school started I was doing great with balancing all my summer freelance work. I accepted enough assignments to get some extra cash, but kept them spread out enough to have time to write, edit and photograph. It was easy to put in a few hours of work each day and get everything done.

The closer it got to school starting however, my responsibilities started to pile up. I had one editor ask if I could cover an event the Saturday after school started. Not a problem. Then she asked if I could cover one the day before I moved in. The greedy, broke college kid part of me wanted to say yes for that extra money. But the logical side of my mind quickly threw a stop to that. I knew that it would have been too much to photograph an event and pack in the same day.

So I said no. Which is something I don’t do often. And it was hard.

I learned something that weekend though. It’s okay to say no. Why should you have to accept every single assignment that comes your way? It can be too demanding, especially if you’re a student. Don’t spread yourself too thin. It’s bad for your health and can cause serious problems.

For my student editors out there, this mantra can extend into not taking too many of your own assignments. Ask your reporters to help out. My over achiever made a gallant show last week at our first newspaper meeting and I took on three stories (on top of 15 hours of class) instead of asking my writers for help. Result? Stress. Lots of it.

So take it easy! Don’t slack off too much of course, but don’t get overloaded. Know your limits.

Happy writing!


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