Freelance Stories Galore

It makes me incredibly happy when an editor approaches me with more assignments for a publication. I recently wrote a piece on advice for incoming college freshmen, as well as a profile over a nurse practitioner.

The college piece was one of my favorite stories I have written so far. I got to take all of my past mistakes as a college freshmen and spin it into a narrative to help others make their next four years of school the best experience possible.

Interviewing the nurse for the nurse practitioner story was extremely interesting as well. I love the health professions; my mom is a Registered Nurse so I have spent my whole life learning medical things. Getting to talk with an APN made writing the story so fun. She was very passionate about her work and that really showed through her interview.

Great news for me, I get to interview another doctor next week! He is a new physician to our area and the clinic he works at is looking to get him some publicity. I also am interviewing a woman who is an artist, and is in the process of painting a large mural in the downtown area.

I meet such interesting people as a journalist. I can’t wait to see what else the future holds, as cliche as that sounds!


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