Another Great Day

I went back to the Farmer’s Market today to give a copy of the Crossing Cultures magazine to the sweet lady I interviewed. She remember me and was ecstatic with the article! In fact, a customer of hers had seen it a few weeks ago and brought a copy back to her.

She told me that she had been reluctant to talk to me at first because of the newspaper reporter who put a bad twist on the market story. After reading my piece, however, she was so pleased and glad that I had given a well-rounded view of what the market was really about.

Seeing her face light up was just awesome. I never knew that I would really be able to make people that happy with my writing. My interviewee was so excited with what I had done for her that she gave me one of her bath products for half off! It pays to network and make contacts in this business.

It also hit me last night that I’m an author. A real deal author. I may not have a book written (yet) but I am a published writer. And that is just an amazing feeling.


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