Making a Difference

I never thought that I would be able to make a difference with my writing, but today I realized how wrong I was.

A few months ago I wrote an article for Jonesboro’s Crossing Cultures magazine about the Farmer’s Market in town. I had never been to the market before so I had tons of fun walking around the stalls and looking at the crafts and smelling the fresh produce. The first person I interviewed that day was a local farmer whose stall was right by the entrance. He smiled and said hello to me and I knew then I just had to talk to him. He and his family were so friendly, and the apple butter I bought from them was gone in a week.

I also interviewed a woman who makes her own bath and beauty products. I bought some goat’s milk soap from her and have been using it since May. It smells wonderful and is free of all that bad stuff that comes in store-bought products. She was so thankful I was interviewing her and writing a good piece-a few months earlier she had been interviewed by the local newspaper, who had twisted the story to make it sound like she wasn’t doing good with her business. I felt horrible for this sweet woman who was clearly making it her life’s work to makeĀ other people’s lives better.

The article was published a few weeks ago and I picked up an armload of copies as soon as I could. Today, I went back to the market and stopped off at the farmer’s stall to give them a copy, and I gave one to the director of the entire market as well. The woman I interviewed won’t be there until Saturday but I can’t wait to bring her a copy. Everybody’s faces lit up when I handed them the magazine and they immediately began reading. They were so happy and thankful for what I had done. Our area is very big on community and promoting local farmers and crafters so I wanted to present the market in the best light possible.

This makes me see that it is possible to make a difference through journalism, even on a small scale!


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